The older a building gets, the more work it takes to maintain it over time. For older properties, a simple refurbishment or overhaul is often not sufficient.

To maintain the economic viability of your property in the long term, revitalisation of the old stock often proves the most sensible option.

At immobilia invest GmbH, we have specialised in the realisation of comprehensive structural concepts to return existing property to a competitive state.

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New Construction

We have initiated and sucessfully implemented a large number of new construction projects in recent years creating attractive villas, single-, and multi-family houses in prime locations.

Please feel free to contact us – we will gladly provide you with a list of our latest new construction projects.

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High-yield business realty

Immobilia invest GmbH offers a wide range of investment- and commercial property.

We see ourselves as a competent partner for your real estate projects, be it office space, specialty stores, hotels, or industrial real estate. Our focus is on portolio-oriented investments with a valid return.

At the same time, we will assist you with value determination and the sales of your property.

We provide objective figures for our customers, so you know what prices you can achieve for your income property on the market.

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Sales and Brokerage

Over the last year, Immobilia invest GmbH have brokered several exclusive apartments between 100 and 300 square metres in beautiful old buildings situated in Munich and Berlin.

All of these objects are located in the top locations of these two metropolises.

Close co-operation with well-known construction companies enables us to offer our customers extraordinary objects situated in landmark ensembles of the city.

Please contact us – it would be a pleasure for us to present our portfolio to you.

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